Better Lighting for a Brighter Future

What’s one of the first things you do when you walk into a home, or get out bed in the morning? Flip on a light switch , (or tell Alexa to do it for us these days). Lighting has moved from functional to a necessary and inexpensive design element for our homes.

denver area electrician lighting for home
Front view of luxury home at dusk

Many people don’t realize that the default home lighting is still stuck in a functional state. Bright lights shining down on you from your ceilings. The right lighting can transform a room. Soften the colors and set the tone for each room. 

There are three basic types of lighting in a home, AMBIENT, ACCENT, and TASK lighting. It’s best to create a layered approach to your lighting so you are not relying on a single light to do all the work.

Ambient light is your overall or general lighting is usually the source that we think of when we walk in a room and flip that switch. 

Task lighting usually targets a specific are of a room. Perhaps over your kitchen counters or office desk. Table lamps are another type of task lighting.

Accent lighting is often considered highlighting in a room. Think of the lighting over artwork, plants, bookcases, outdoor landscape lighting. All accenting something you want to draw attention to. 

If you are doing a remodel on your home or room, consider your lighting plan early to save you time and money. We can help you install cove, soffit, and valance lighting, which are common architectural lighting that provide a nice even distribution of light while concealing the source. When you have a single light coming from a lamp or ceiling bulb, you get harsher lights and shadows.

Look at each room and consider what the focal point is for each. Do you want to accentuate that with lighting? Are there areas of the room you’d like to make sure are NOT featured? 

Also, don’t let dangling cords and misplaced fixtures set the wrong tone for your home. You don’t have let the power cords show. We can run them behind the wall and drop the lighting in wherever you’d like.

So if you are planning a BRIGHTER 2019, give us a call and let’s talk lighting!

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7 Tips for Holiday Safety 

safety tips for holidays

We know you can’t wait to bust out the decorations and get your house looking as festive as the Griswold’s, but before you plug in one more string of lights, here are a few safety tips to keep you and your family from the same fate as Grandma’s cat on National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation:

  1. Inspection Time.
    Inspect each of the cords on your decorations before setting them up and plugging them in. Do not use any that have frayed, loose or exposed wires.
  2. Follow the RULE OF 3.
    Do not plug in more than 3 strands of lights to each outlet. More than three can not only blow a fuse but they can start a fire!
    Christmas electric hazards
  3. Don’t Be a Cheapskate.
    If you buy decorations at a closeout or dollar store, they may not be certified or tested for safety. Decorations not bearing a label from an Independent testing laboratory such as Underwriters Laboratories (UL), Canadian Standards Association (CSA) or Intertek (ETL) have not been tested for safety and could be hazardous.
  4. Make Santa Walk A Bit.
    Santa may want the stockings hung by the chimney but if you have yours with a fire going (real or not) the heat can scorch and ignite many decorations hanging nearby.  Try tying stockings to the backs of kitchen chairs or on the stairs and tell the kids Santa’s trying to get more exercise!
    Holiday electric safety tips
  5. Spread the love.
    Don’t try to plug everything into one extension cord or outlet. High-wattage appliances may need the entire load, so don’t try and share that outlet with a lot of blingy decorations. Avoid overloading those outlets to avoid blowing a fuse or starting a fire.
  6. Stand By Me. 
    Candles and anything cooking should never be left unattended. We all know this, and we hear this over and over again, but during the holidays we may be more prone to breaking this rule and that is why we have more house fires during the holidays. Enough said.
    Holiday fire safety tips
  7. Let’s Be Fake.
    Real trees take a LOT of water…. every single day! In order to keep them fresh and resistant to fire, they must chug water daily. Artificial trees are safer…and a whole lot less messy. Candles are another thing we can move away from REAL during the holidays. Battery operated candles are more real looking than ever. Forget about those movies we see with real candles in the Christmas trees and all around the houses. Remember how short their lifespan was?
    Denver metro Christmas Safety Tips

If you need someone to come out and inspect anything suspicious (well, we don’t mean your Cousin Eddy!), give us a call. We are happy to come out to inspect old electric panels before you decide to purchase that new swimming pool or hot tub with your BIG FAT CHRISTMAS BONUS! 

From our families to yours, we wish you a SAFE and wonderful Christmas Holiday!

~Jake and the team at Schreck Electric